Boa Mistura, International: How A Madrid Street Art Collective Reimagines World Cities

Born in Madrid but working around the world, art collective Boa Mistura explores creativity as a powerful force to inspire dialogue and transform urban environments into canvases of hope.

Boa Mistura, an urban artists collective born in the streets of Madrid in 2001, has transcended the boundaries of conventional art to generate a unique and positive impact on society.

The name «Boa Mistura», which means «good mix» in Portuguese, reflects the diversity of styles and perspectives that characterizes the collective’s work. Since its first projects on the walls of Madrid, the collective stood out for presenting a different and fresh approach, but fundamentally for its commitment to art as an instrument of social change. Its ability to mix diverse influences and techniques has been key to creating works that have become vehicles of transformation in the communities they touch.

With founding members Pablo Purón, Juan Jaume Fernández, Pablo Ferreiro Mederos, Rubén Martín de Lucas and Javier Serrano Guerra, Boa Mistura has taken its creativity to cities around the world, fusing art, community participation and urban transformation.

One of Boa Mistura’s most iconic projects is «Madrid Gráfica», which started in the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán in 2015, in collaboration with Madrid’s city council, which sought to revitalize and unify the community through active participation.

The artists created geometric patterns and inspiring messages with the inhabitants, allowing the neighborhood itself to contribute to the visual narrative which aimed to transform its gray facades into colorful illustrations. The intervention not only changed the physical appearance of the buildings, but also created a feeling of pride and a sense of belonging, giving the neighborhood a new energy.

Beyond Spanish borders

Looking to export its vision beyond the Spanish borders, in 2012, Boa Mistura undertook the «Luz Nas Vielas» project in Sao Paulo, Brazil — a city which suffers from inequality and urban segregation. This time, instead of using traditional paint, they turned to light as an artistic medium.

The initiative turned dark and unnoticed alleys into colorful, open-air art galleries. Once again, in addition to the evident aesthetic metamorphosis of these spaces, the intervention symbolized both the literal and social enlightenment of communities that have historically been marginalized.

The collective has left its mark by exploring various forms of artistic expression

Then, the project «Por el Mar la Calle» brought the collective to El Palomar, Panama, in 2013. There, the artists used nautical and marine life-related elements as motifs for their creations, injecting a sense of local identity and connection to the environment.

Undoubtedly, the collective has left its mark by exploring various forms of artistic expression, from street murals to installations and interactive projects. An emblematic example of its versatility is the «Versos al Paso» project, again with the Madrid city council, which combined urban poetry and visual art to transform zebra crossings into poetic canvases.

The initiative resulted in more than 1,100 painted zebra crossings in the 21 districts of the city, with more than 20,000 people involved, as well as the creation of a website that allowed any citizen to generate digital tours of the city by geolocating verses. Their passion for experimenting with new ideas and formats shows through projects like this, which has consolidated their position as a collective at the forefront of the urban art scene.

Art and commitment

Boa Mistura’s social commitment does not translate into artistic projects only. The collective is also involved in talks, workshops and community events, as well as in exhibitions in art galleries and renowned international festivals, where its creations have achieved global recognition.

Its work has been exhibited in places such as the Tate Modern in London and has been recognized with prizes and mentions in the field of art and culture, thus reinforcing its position as an influential force in the contemporary scene.

Boa Mistura’s career can be summarized as a continuous journey of exploration and discovery, where art emerges as a means to transform not only the urban landscape but also people’s lives. From its beginnings in the streets of Madrid to its international consecration, each project of the collective has marked a palpable evolution until establishing its legacy as a clear testimony that creativity has the power to generate a positive and transformative impact.

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